2pm – 5pm | XXL

XXL with Lokesh gives you double the dose of fun, entertainment and laughter in the afternoon. With the balance of Bollywood and fun games, the show is packed with surprises.

XXL with Lokesh – Energy in the afternoon.

What’s on the show : 


Khiladi Ghanta Fun games every afternoon that keep you on your toes.

The Interview that never happened A fun interview with a star, that really never happened. This happens on star birthdays or when a star is in the news.

The CITY1016 Campus Top 10 – This is a chance students get to celebrate their schools, their teachers and friends. Its about news on campus and a chance for students to choose the songs on our play list every Thursday @ 4pm.

Sound CheckEvery Wednesday at 3 pm, Lokesh hosts a mini concert on air featuring indie artists, interesting covers, unplugged musicians and alternative music.

Mausam Mausi – This aunty is UAE’s musical sensation she sings the weather to you!



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