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Watch the Judwaa 2 Trailer

Varun Dhawan has often been called the younger Salman Khan. And now he is doing a Salman Khan film. What’s interesting is that this Judwaa is also directed by David Dhawan. The film also stars Tapsi Pannu and Jacqueline Fernandez. Watch the trailer here! -Lokesh Dharmani       Read More

Meaningful Patriotic Scenes in Hindi Films

We all must have watched India’s Prime Minister, Narendar Modi’s speech this morning. A lot of people feel proud just by looking at the Flag of India. But patriotism runs much deeper than that. There are a few Hindi films that have dealt with the concept of patriotism so beautifully. No superficial understanding, these scenes […]     Read More

Simran Trailer

Why I loved the trailer of Simran- Don’t think I have ever seen a film on kleptomaniac. Kleptomania is an urge to steal, without need or profit. “Boyfriend hona koi character flaw thodi na hain…ladke patana toh ek talent hota hain.” The guy was trying to be all liberal and progressive and boom he is told […]     Read More

Abhishek Aishwarya Perform at IIFA

This was the time when Bachchan Pariwar took center stage, when Rani didn’t know the man she sat next to would be her father in law one day. Have a look 🙂 -Lokesh Dharmani     Read More
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