Work Trips

Travelling can be refreshing or completely exhausting – depending on what you’re travelling for. This year, I’ve been on work trips, twice. Once, around 26th Jan, India’s Republic Day as part of the media contingent representing the UAE in New Delhi.




I had goosebumps through most of the pre, during and post Republic Day activities. I Also had very little sleep! Similarly, when I travelled to Mumbai recently to cover a popular television awards show, I had the privilege of walking the red carpet, got dressed in designer wear, met interesting people and spent much of my time there, looking and feeling glamourous. Though the glitz was in abundance, sleep, once again, got pushed to the back-burner.

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That’s pretty much every work trip – for me and I’m certain for you as well! All those lost hours of sleep start catching up with you at work soon thereafter. Here’s what I keep in mind – Sona hi Sona Hai (Sleep is Gold)! My body and mind can handle short burst of intense activity, even sleeplessness. But that’s only as long as in the picture, I’m getting all the rest and care I need.

Parents often have early mornings and late nights – hectic weekends and tiring holidays. There’s a need for a balance, even if it seems impossible. Make time for one another to take a break. And remember, moods get affected by lack of sleep too! Its a major health factor. So, go easy on each other. Tired, stressed out, unhealthy bodies cant be good for relationships.

So, what do you do? Smile. Take a break. Sleep. Put that phone aside – I’m sure I’ve said that before on this blog and elsewhere. Can’t be said enough, no? If you agree with any of the problems I’ve shared here, I hope you’ll try the solutions too!



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