Wibit – Arabian Water Parks, JBR

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Another week and another destination for Love It Recommend It!

So this time around we went to a destination that is fast becoming New Dubai’s hottest location – The JBR Walk… and once there, we decided to go to The Beach Mall (a part open, part covered mall right on – you guessed it– The Beach).

But more than the mall, it is the Obstacle Course located 100m in the water (a green and yellow bouncy castle for adults if I may say so) which we tried this week. We loved it and totally recommend it.

If you’ve seen the joy on children’s faces when they go up or down the slides or bouncy castles and have no idea what triggers it – we suggest you try Wibit @Arabian Water Parks at the Beach Mall on JBR. You’ll know exactly why you should not have grown up!

Here is what you can do – climb up the ropes, slide down, take a leap of faith into the water, be a Tarzan and swing from one corner to the other (only to realize that the rope is not long enough) and jump about like a child (on a candy overdose) from the trampolines into the Arabian Gulf all in an hour and still long for more.

This is one place for those who say – Dubai only has Malls.

WE LOVE it and Highly Recommend it.

Where, again?

On JBR – the Beach Mall – the only thing standing tall 100m into the sea this side of Palm Jumeirah (that green and yellow colored thing in the water which you’ve seen but never tried). Head to the counter near the changing areas and the security guys will be happy to assist you.

Once you are on the course, ask for Ryan or Ali to help you get through it – all for a smile.

 Does this require training?

An MBA… a Degree in tactical camouflaging and tight rope balancing – Nope. Even if you are not a seasoned swimmer, don’t panic when in water and as long as you can keep your head above water – you are good to go … we mean jump.

Is it safe? For Kids?

You are provided life jackets (included in the entry charge) and they have minimum 3 lifeguards always on the or around the obstacle course – speed boats  are also on duty in case of any kind of emergency. Kids over 6 are permitted to go with an adult.


How long does the whole process take?

Officially one hour, but your body does seem to give up after about the first 15 minutes. All those hours in the gym… well now is the time to find out if it paid off.
Our advice: Don’t rush through it. Enjoy it and take your time. Take a breather in between to get a better picture for your Facebook!


Anything we need to be warned about?

It’s the beach – It’s got sand and it’s the summer months – need we say more?
Lots of sunscreen. Do remember to be as light as possible (simple swim wear),
Don’t forget put on slippers (I know it’s obvious – but we made the mistake of going directly from work – office shoes with swim wear (not a good idea).
Parking is something you need to take in to account since this is one place in Dubai which charges even on a Friday (AED20 an hour)

Is it expensive?

Prices are AED50 for children and AED60 for adults per hour. They also have full day passes, so if you are staying anywhere on JBR – well you know where to hit for practice.


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