Welcoming the Weekend

It’s Thursday- my favooorrriiittteee day! The weekend is here- no more early mornings, no more tired at night days. For just two days.

Normally, weekends would be day-outs, going to some amusement park, having a picnic with friends and family, or just generally going OUT. But this is Dubai. It’s hot, it’s sticky, and weather ko weekend pe break nahi milti! So… here are some ideas on how to make the best of a weekend comfortably at home. Honestly, I’d do ALL these things if my weekend was longer than 48 hours.

1. A movie marathon: cuddle up on the couch, get some popcorn and juice, and watch amazing movies back to back. Order in, have a lazy day, and rewatch your favorites- or watch something new! Whatever you choose, a movie marathon is a super easy way to have a really good time at home with the family!

2. Catch up on some reading: I have a 90 point list of books I need to read, so this one really applies to me! In general, however, I think we do need this technology detox- phones, laptops, TVs… Think about the last time you sat and finished a book in one go. If that was really long ago, make it happen this weekend. If it was recently, make it happen this weekend. The book is too fat? Still, make it happen this weekend!


3. Baking: The aroma of freshly baked vanilla cake spreading in the house… Room freshener ki zaroorat hi nahi padegi! Baking is an all-time favorite, and everyone gets that guilty pleasure by licking the icing off the spoon. Go, buy those ingredients, put on the aprons, and bake to your hearts delight! (:

4. Play some good old-fashioned board games: Monopoly, Ludo, Scrabble, TWISTER!? These games were my CHILDHOOD, and my relationships with all my cousins are so much stronger because of those fights about who went broke during Monopoly, or that moment when you get cut in Ludo RIGHT BEFORE you go home! Relive it, and get your kids involved too. Candy Crush is fine, but there’s nothing like the magic of Ludo to get everyone shouting, excited and happy!


5. Karaoke nights: Have feet will dance jaise have voice will sing. So what if everyone isn’t a Lata Mangeshkar!? The fun of singing with a group of friends, singing on the top of your voices, intentionally singing besura-ly, dancing and jumping along… It’s something else. Call everyone home, plug in the karaoke machine, keep some snacks and soda on the table, and go crazyyyy.


I’m going to put all of these on my to-do lists for this weekend and next weekend, and the weekend after that, and I’m going to try to avoid thinking about the kaam bharaa weekdays in between ;). I hope this gave you some great ideas– have a fabulous one! (:

-Project Intern, Anjali



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