Valentine’s Day Scenes in Hindi Films

I was watching an old 90s Hindi film that stupidly explained what Valentine’s Day is all about and I wondered if Bollywood would ever get the love day right without making it so idiotically melodramatic.

Here are 3 iconic mind numbing Valentine’s Day scenes in Hindi films. Watch it at your own risk because after watching this, you might want to detox yourself with…err…Gurmeet Singh’s Love Charger. Phew!

-Lokesh Dharmani

    1. When SRK stole Rishi Kapoor’s sweaters from Chandani. When Chandigarh became Canada as a gush of maple leaves swept across the silver screen.

2. When Hrithik Roshan became a daring Roadie and did a love task worthy of him earning a spot in Splits-villa.

3. When Madhuri Dixit painfully explained (err not) to us what Valentine’s Day stands for. Wait it gets worse. There is a Pooranmashi angle too. Buhahahahahahaha!



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