True Calling!!

True Calling… Tring Tring!!

Hi True, how are you doing?

If true was a person, I sincerely hope that it does not tell lies, if it did, that would just be so wrong.

Find what you really love doing, find your true calling, is it work out in the gym, is it walking, is it eating healthy, is it playing indoor sports, is it playing outdoor sports, is it cycling, swimming, running, skating, try them all, get bored of them all, one day… you will find something that you will hold on to. Its a process! I have tried all of these and I must say I like them all, I still have not gotten bored but there is something about skiing which is a tad more special and exciting. I love adventure sports, trust me I have hurst myself a lot while trying them, but there is that charm to the pain. Find something that makes you think about pain like that, let your body truly embrace it then getting healthier won’t look like a task or a duty or a responsibility it would be FUN!!




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