Top 5 Things People Say At Iftar Parties

Iftars in Dubai is a thing and they are getting bigger and better every year. No matter who you are, what you do? You must have attended at least one Iftar in Dubai.

1. What are you wearing ? It’s an Iftar, you should have worn something more traditional !!!!

Wow !! May be I am not here for Socializing and the Pictures.


2. Hey !! We had a lovely time, when are you inviting us for your next Iftar ?

May be you should try hosting an Iftar for a change.


3. Don’t eat so much !!! You should have a light Iftar.

But I’m hungry and it’s foooooooooooood !


4. I love Ramadan cause I have a ‘DATE’ every night.

You are sooo phunny !! You just blew me away with your sense of humor ! Forever !!


5. I don’t fast but I am here just for you.

Don’t lie, you are here just for free food !!

We had a crazy City1016 Iftar with our lovely listeners. Watch this space for the pictures.



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