My Top 5 Hindi Films in 2016

In particular order really, these according to me are the top 5 films that released in 2016. Which one is your favorite?

– Lokesh Dharmani


Pink- The film that dared to get into the our psyche, hold us by our biases and expectations of how women should be and busts them all, one by one, challenging all stereotypical roles and giving us a message in a simple word, no. No means NO! What a fab film.


Dangal- Despite rooted in patriarchy, the film rises above all odds, fighting the regressive mindset and giving us a HERo from a place we least expected it. Also tells a father-daughter tale in the least melodramatic way and teaches us a lesson or two on good parenting.


Udta Punjab- A hard hitting story of a state under the spell of addictive substances. The film gave us some heartwarming performances by Aalia, Shahid and Diljit Dosanj.


Aligarh- The story of a professor who fought for something as basic as privacy and gave us a tear jerker performance by one the best in business, Manoj Bajpayee.


Kapoor and sons- A character driven film that told the beautiful story of the Kapoor family, where everyone fought their personal battles, fought with family members and finally sought and found solace in them. One of the best performances by Fawad Khan, both brave and brilliant!!




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