Saturday, November 28, 2015



‘There are many questions in the world that Tia is seeking answers to, in the Universe, but the ONE question that’s foremost on her mind is – “Am I looking good?” And the one question you must never ask her is – “Do you sing”? She may be Tia Singh but that’s where the ‘singing’ ends!

Fashion, dessert, fashion, books, fashion, shopping, family and fashion are a few of her favorite things and while she pays religiously for her gym membership – she has enough excuses to avoid it each time!

The creative writer in the City 1016 clan, Tia can belt out crazy scripts and lyrics in record time – but the team stays away from her the first 20 minutes of her day as it’s usually the time she’ll bite your head and throw a tantrum.
On air, Tia is Dubai’s sweetheart – vivacious, sweet and lovable!



NAME: Tia Singh

SHOW: Bajaau Kya
Sun-Thu from 1-2pm

KNEW YOU WERE MAD ENOUGH TO BE ON CITY1016 WHEN: I woke up at 4 am from deep sleep – laughing – coz I had dreamed that I’d said something really funny on air! In that dream I actually told myself to wake up and write it down so I could use the joke on my show that day and not waste it! I finally made a note of it on my phone coz I couldn’t find any paper. Totally freaked my brother out in the next room – who had heard me laugh manically!

SECRET CHILDHOOD AMBITION-TOO-EMBARRASSING-TO-ADMIT: 1) To win the Filmfare award! For anything!! It didn’t have to be a big one; even an award for best background dancer would do just fine! I used to see my dad’s awards and seriously considered stealing one… err I haven’t… yet!
2) After watching QSQT as a child – my ambition was to elope… on a bike!!

WANTED TO MARRY: Prince William! I had a fascination of fairy tales and believed since I wasn’t born a princess the least I can do is marry a prince and ultimately live in a castle. Plus I loved lady Di and reeeeally wanted to be her daughter-in-law. Mind you Saas-Bahu soaps hadn’t kicked in yet.

IF YOU COULD YOU WOULD: Have dessert after every meal, every day.

A DATE WITH HIMESH RESHAMMIYA OR MOVIE WITH TUSHAR KAPOOR: Movie with Tushar Kapoor – with him in the movie I’d really get noticed and hog all the praise and if nothing else get close to Ekta Kapoor and pick up a few tricks of the trade!

TWITTER OR FACEBOOK: For me Facebook, for the celebrities I love – Twitter. (Can’t imagine Clive Owen adding me on FB or poking me back).

IF YOU WERE A SUPERHERO YOUR POWER WOULD BE: To time travel – there are certain times in my life I’d seriously like to revisit. I would say – I’d also like to be BAKE-GIRL – who churns out super quantities of super deeeelish desserts and can eat them without gaining calories, but I’ve just been told “cooking” doesn’t qualify as a super power!

FAVOURITE SPORT: To watch- Cricket and Football. To participate – swimming (not synchronized)!

GYM OR DIET: Are you trying to guilt trip me??  NOT WORKING! I WONT GIVE IN!!!

DESSERT YOU WOULD HIDE FROM OTHERS AND EAT ALONE: Cup cakes, lemon tart and Chocolate fondant.

THE THING ABOUT LOVE IS: It makes me wanna sing cheesy Bollywood love songs at the top of my lungs – now that can’t be good for anyone involved right?

THE WORLD IS NOT BIG ENOUGH FOR YOU AND: PIGEONS! I hate them! They freak me out to a point of losing my head. Brrrrr! They make my skin crawl!

A SONG YOU OFTEN SING IN THE SHOWER: It used to be ‘yahan ke hum sikandar’ from Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar and more recently it was Tum Mile. When I’d shampoo I would do the ‘rock’ version – it’s longer. I’ve stopped in public interest.

TELL US A SECRET: I have a hidden love of retro music and have a head full of retro trivia. And am extremely possessive of my books collection, I don’t lend books as I don’t want them getting dog-eared or dirty. I don’t like people sitting on my bed – or put their feet up… Ok that’s more than ‘a secret’!