Love It Recommend It | The Ripley’s Believe It or Not exhibit

This week on Love It Recommend It, we went to a FREE exhibit (We have your attention now, huh?)

On at Wafi for another 3 months, The Ripley’s Believe It or Not exhibit is a traveling show that aims to show you the coolest, smallest, lightest, fattest, longest, shortest, smallest and biggest of everything.

The great part about this exhibit is that it is free. Located around the mall, it allows you to experience the exhibits in an immersive way – which means plenty of pictures and videos will be on social media from here.

Things we love about it?
1. It’s free
2. Some of these exhibits really do make you think – HOW???!!??
3. It’s on for 3 months, so you have enough time to plan.

Great for:
1. a little more than a day at the mall
2. Kids – there is so much to be learned here, from history to physics to recycling
3. Plans when the bank balance is running low.

Watch the video for more

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