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Mary from Tastecapades says – “See me at the cycle stand.” And so we do. One sunny afternoon in Jumeirah – Sid and I decide to go for a Food tour in Jumeirah ON A BIKE.
Four hours, lots of cycling and plenty of food. We mean PLENTY!
This Wednesday we love and recommend – TASTECAPADES

So what did we eat?
We began with a date and almond shake, some authentic falafels, Dubai’s coolest food truck, freshly caught fish right by the sea, an authentic Mandi meal, a shawarma and a special Emarati dessert.
We could barely move after – because we were SO stuffed.
The most beautiful part of the tour though was not the food, although it was lovely! It was the sights and sounds of a Dubai you would not notice if you were whizzing past in a car. It was the stories of the legendary man who made a legendary shawarma, the mosque by the beach, the Emarati ladies who started the food truck revolution, the difference between a Yemeni local meal and an Emarati local meal.
The stories, the sights, the sounds, the cycling and yes, the tastes make Tastecapades totally worth it






The essential must-knows:
1. Suitable for non-vegetarians and vegetarians could manage but you might not get as MUCH variety as your meat eating friend. Something the team is working on fixing.
2. It happens everyday! 3 pm – you meet Mary after pre booking on the website at the cycle stand on Jumeirah Beach road.
3. It lasts 4 hours.
4. It costs about 385 AED.

Great for:
FOODIES! And those who don’t mind a little cycling for exercise.
Those with a big appetite
Tourists and visitors who want to see another side to the City1016


Not so suitable for:
Aunty-uncle who might find the cycling tough
Bachcha party – who are too young to cycle
Anyone who eats like a bird. You’ll be stuffed before stop 3.




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