Wanderlust With Parikshit

I am back with my Travel Videos on Wanderlust With Parikshit. Recently I had one of the most adventurous trips of my life. In this vlog I am going to tell you why Nepal is your perfect long weekend getaway. A flight to Kathmandu will cost you anything between AED 900 to 1400 depending on the […]

Wanderlust With Parikshit goes to Malta! Check out more about this beautiful country!

Some people told me going to Nordic Countries in Winters is a stupid idea but no one ever told me it’s going to be so much fun. Last month, bang in the middle of freezing cold winters I decided to pack my bags and visit Scandinavia. This place is one of the coldest, coolest and […]

This is what happens in Vegas Did you know there is a service in Las Vegas that will come to you and cure a hangover with IV fluids and IV Vitamins. It was in October last year when I went on this ‘Best of USA’ trip and Vegas was one of the destinations. A return […]

Crazy parties, mesmerising mountains, fast flowing rivers and breath taking views.

  The Unexplored Goa This is Goa without loud music, bright lights, parties and debauchery. Mayfair Hideaway Spa Resort and Air India gave Parikshit and a lucky City1016 listener an opportunity to explore the unexplored Goa.I am using the line that the manager of Mayfair Hideaway Spa Resort in Goa told me – “This is Goa, […]

Stick around for LIVE updates from Parikshit as he travels in Goa!

“Prague is like that old lady from the movie Titanic – It’s old, beautiful and it has a lot of stories to tell.”

First things first – Travelling solo doesn’t mean you’re a loner. You do things you want to do, the way you want to do and at your own pace. It’s much more convenient and self-satisfying. I’ve travelled with family, with friends, with a group of friends, with a significant other and in packages/groups. Nothing is […]

London – You’ll never get tired of this place.   Did you know – London has the most billionaires of any city in the world.   Global Passport – It was July 2016 aka my birthday month. I already had my birthday trip planned and this was a bonus on Eid’s long weekend. London is one place […]


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