UAE’s No 1 Bollywood Radio Station

When the first look came out a lot people said it was inspired by the classic Ace Ventura, but I like the trailer even if some shots are copied or shall I say inspired. As long as you’re doing a good job. I like the trailer and looking forward to this one. Watch and leave […]

November 23, 2016

True Calling… Tring Tring!! Hi True, how are you doing? If true was a person, I sincerely hope that it does not tell lies, if it did, that would just be so wrong. Find what you really love doing, find your true calling, is it work out in the gym, is it walking, is it […]

Tarun got to drive around the all new Lincoln MKZ, its beautiful, its aerodynamic and it is powerful.

Team Force 2, John Abraham and Sonakshi Sinha dropped in to the studios of City1016 – UAE’s No 1 Bollywood Radio Station.

Only 10 more days left before I leave for City1016 Healthy You Healthy Me Healthy UAE’s next Project – Mount Kilimanjaro – alongwith the crew from Al Jalila Foundation. By the way, I have to admit, the feeling still hasn’t sunk in but I’m hoping once it does – my anxiety levels don’t take the […]

It is said – You should climb a mountain not so the world can see you but that so that YOU can see the world – from Baba Internet Devji. So as I get ready to represent CITY1016 at the highest point in Africa, and see the world from 5895 meters above sea level, with […]

Since the time we’ve announced on City1016, day-before that this coming 23rd of September 2016, I would be representing CITY1016 on a trek to climb Mount Kilimanjaro – a lot of people have been asking me why ? why are you going ? what will you gain out of this ? this is not what you […]

My parents always say – keep trying new things, it’ll keep alive the child in you, and that’s the reason why I’m always looking out for new things to try – right from Skiing to Flyboarding to Skydiving to Rock-climbing , which ultimately lead me to this, the trek to the top of Africa, the […]

Welcome to the future of Radio Interviews! Tia, Parikshit and Lokesh caught up with Hrithik Roshan on …. wait for it….. SKYPE! Hrithik shared some really interesting tidbits about his upcoming film – Mohenjo Daro. Movie releasing in the UAE on 11th Aug 2016, in theatres near you. Check it out 🙂

You don’t take Panga with the Khans – whether on-camera or off-camera. Watch what happens when Parineeti Chopra and Shahrukh Khan’s son Abram get into a sword fight during one of the IPL matches. Cuteness overloaded. video courtesy youtube -Sid


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