Friday, July 28, 2017

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A New Age Interview With Hrithik

Welcome to the future of Radio Interviews! Tia, Parikshit and Lokesh caught up with Hrithik Roshan on …. wait for it….. SKYPE! Hrithik shared some really interesting tidbits about his upcoming film – Mohenjo Daro. Movie releasing in the UAE on 11th Aug 2016, in theatres near you. Check it ...

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When Sara brought us Happiness

Big thank you to our rockstar listener Sara who heard Meghana speak about Gujarati food and decided to get us some dhokla and jalebi and it tasted heaven. WE LOVE OUR ROCKSTAR LISTENERS!!!!   Slurps* The pretty poser- Tia Lokesh and Meghana with Sara 🙂 Jalebi??? Remember that ad?? Bliss, ...

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Welcoming our rock star listeners!!

We love welcoming all our listeners with lavish hugs! So when university students Sneha and Madhavi came to collect their prize, we gave them a tour of our studio and what happened next will NOT blow your mind away!! Hehe, check this out!

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Handshakes that go awkward!!

When handshakes want to be a namaste or a hug and sometimes…umm…creepy. Lokesh brings to you a few of those handshakes that go…awkward!!!!!  

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City1016 Back To School Supercharged with Tia and Meghana

As part of City1016 Back To School Supercharged, Tia and Meghana got the amazing opportunity to drive a Porsche Panamera to drop Krish off to his school in Al Warqa! Check out the amazing fleet of Supercars Team City1016 drove and how Krish was feeling on his first day of ...

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Happy Friendship Day!

Today, we reveal to you who our besties are! Not just that, in this video, you will find out: 1. Why was Malavika asked to sweep somebody’s house? 2. Which one of us met our bestie on Friendship Day 11 years ago? 3. What does Parikshit’s bestie really want from him? ...

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