Thursday, March 23, 2017

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True Calling!!

True Calling… Tring Tring!! Hi True, how are you doing? If true was a person, I sincerely hope that it does not tell lies, if it did, that would just be so wrong. Find what you really love doing, find your true calling, is it work out in the gym, ...

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Find Your Solace!!!

Let’s be honest!! Let’s be true to ourselves, lie will only make you fall harder the moment you realize the truth, and realization will come starting at your face one day, there is no escape to it. There are great things in life, but they can only be defined in ...

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A six, A four, A single… Get Out!!

Its actually pretty amazing how the results can be seen if you keep consistent at working out in the gym or swim on a regular basis.However, here is the thing with consistency; it does give you incredible results but the monotony of the process gets to you, it becomes boring!!! ...

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Malhar’s Jashn-e-Awadh on City1016

Karishma and Tarun hosted a special edition of City1016Unplugged featuring the Malhar Choir. Over 70 artists will be performing over the weekend in Dubai, here’s 9 of them now, with a glimpse of what’s to watch out for on their show – Malhar’s Jashn-e-Awadh  

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The Saddle and The Rein!!

Living in the UAE there is so much that one can do, from playing adventure sports, to runs on the beach, to playing indoor sports… the options are unlimited. Here is one thing that I always wanted to do since the time I was a kid. Learn horse riding!!! This ...

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