Wednesday, August 23, 2017

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Funniest IIFA Hosts (Part 4/5)

Experience. That’s all it takes at times. When SRK stepped in to host IIFA 2013 in Macao with Shahid Kapoor, rest assured, no one was spared! And lets face it, when THE SRK is the one making the jokes, its no fun being left out! Here’s what went down went ...

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Katrina Kaif chats with Karishma & Tarun

Splash brought their brand ambassador Katrina Kaif to town for a day so she can be the show stopper at their fashion show. Karishma and Tarun caught up with the pretty lady – this is a teaser of their chat! Watch this space for more!

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A six, A four, A single… Get Out!!

Its actually pretty amazing how the results can be seen if you keep consistent at working out in the gym or swim on a regular basis.However, here is the thing with consistency; it does give you incredible results but the monotony of the process gets to you, it becomes boring!!! ...

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The Saddle and The Rein!!

Living in the UAE there is so much that one can do, from playing adventure sports, to runs on the beach, to playing indoor sports… the options are unlimited. Here is one thing that I always wanted to do since the time I was a kid. Learn horse riding!!! This ...

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Karishma and Tarun interview Lokesh

Karishma Fernandez and Tarun Udasi decided to interview Lokesh Dharmani and explore his journey as an RJ, a chef and a movie critic in Dubai. Did Lokesh ever get into an awkward situation with a movie star because of his honest reviews? Check it out 🙂

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Karishma and Tarun at the briefing with Team TOIFA in Dubai

The biggest awards in the history of Indian Cinema, the “Times Of India Film Awards” are coming to Dubai and City 1016 is honored to be the official radio partner. We thought we’d show you a glimpse of the teams we will be working with very closely over the next ...

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