Saturday, July 22, 2017

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Funniest IIFA Hosts (Part 5/5)

In the concluding part of this week’s series on the Funniest IIFA Hosts, we present to you the only Bolly-Hollywood jodi in our list! It was Y2K, the world was meant to end, instead, SRK walked on to the stage with Angelina Jolie by his side! It was a sight ...

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Funniest IIFA Hosts (Part 4/5)

Experience. That’s all it takes at times. When SRK stepped in to host IIFA 2013 in Macao with Shahid Kapoor, rest assured, no one was spared! And lets face it, when THE SRK is the one making the jokes, its no fun being left out! Here’s what went down went ...

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SRK and his ‘Dad Moments’!

SRK has given us great moments on screen as a romantic hero. But nothing beats the love vibes you feel between him and his children! This Fathers’ Day, we list some of our fav ‘SRK Dad Moments’ That time SRK got philosophical: The eyes r full of language…trying to read ...

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When Shah Rukh Khan met Sunder Pichai

In September 2014, Shahrukh was touring United States with the cast and crew of the film Happy New Year. He also was invited at googleplex to answer a few questions and to promote his film. So, Shahrukh never wanted to become an actor he wanted to be something else, what? ...

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