Sunday, April 30, 2017

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Valentine’s Day Scenes in Hindi Films

Here are 3 iconic mind numbing Valentine’s Day scenes in Hindi films. Watch it at your own risk because you might want to detox yourself with...err...Gurmeet Singh’s Love Charger. Phew!

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Dubai through SRK’s eyes

To make Shah Rukh Khan’s birthday a lot more special Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (Dubai Tourism) made an announcement about a collaboration with the Superstar! They’re going to make a series of short films together. the deal with these short films is that SRK himself will show  the ...

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Top Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Shah Rukh Khan

I have met SRK a few times and every time I meet him, I see a new side to his personality. He is informed and can talk about anything and everything in the world. He is super sharp, remembers everyone’s names in the room, even if he has met them ...

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#DifficultBollywoodQuiz- DDLJ

DDLJ completes 21 years today. Woah. So XXL’s Difficult Bollywood Question has now become a full on #DifficultBollywoodQuizWithLokesh. Take the quiz here 🙂 -Lokesh Dharmani  

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Khans and their first films

Though SRK signed a few other films but Deewana was his first release. He hasn’t watched the film yet. In fact SRK said in one of his tweets that he wouldn’t watch his first and last creation as these are only the bookends, the real story is in between. Do ...

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