salman khan bigg boss

Just four days before the grand finale, the chocolate boy of Bigg Boss house, Rohan Mehra, gets evicted as a result of the mid-week eviction.

The beautiful wild card entrant, Elena Kazan, who entered the house last week as a challenger makes an early exit from the Bigg Boss house.

After a day of living without their essentials, the contestants wake up to ‘Phatela Jeb’ which resonates with their current condition.

In the wee hours of the night, the housemates wake up to the noise of a siren wondering what’s in store for them.

After Priyanka Jagga’s shocking exit from the house, Indiawale’s every discussion has become a point of contention.

In the Bigg Boss house, there is never a dull moment; the contestants fight, reconcile, give each other a shoulder to cry and also be each other’s emotional support.  Day 4 of Bigg Boss ends with an emotional conversation between Monalisa and Navin where he reveals that he comes from a very poor family and…

There seems to be no end to day 2 for the contestants inside the Bigg Boss house!


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