I made these cakes on Christmas. Watch watch :) -Lokesh Dharmani

RJ Lokesh brings to you a brand new recipe every Tuesday and it's a different dessert for this Diwali special week. Sabudana Kheer. Watch:)

It's Navratri and we all need some creative vegetarian recipes. I am sharing a very simple 4 ingredient recipe with you. It's quick, easy and tasty. Happy Navratri. -Lokesh Dharmani

Today's recipe is very special as you can involve your kids as it's a 'no knife-no fire' recipe!! Watch the video here- OVERNIGHT OATS IN LOKI’S KITCHEN   Ingredients Banana -1 Yoghurt – ½ Cup Strawberries – 2 to 3 Chia seeds – 1 tablespoon (optional) Oats – 1 bowl Milk – 2 tablespoons Peanut…

A very simple Mumbaiya style Pau Bhaji recipe in Loki's Kitchen. Slurps. -Lokesh Dharmani  

One of my friends Sonal told me about the trend of sugar free ice creams and gave me the recipe of this simple Banana Ice Cream. It's healthy, it's tasty and will definitely take care of your sugar cravings during this summer. A simple dessert in Loki's Kitchen today :) -Lokesh Dharmani

It's healthy. It's yummy. And it's quick to make. Check out the simplest, the fastest Oats Upma recipe. -Lokesh Dharmani Ingredients- Oil (1 table spoon) Chopped onions (one small) Grated Carrot (Half) Corn (Half a bowl) Broccoli (Two florets) Bell Pepper (Half) Salt (To Taste) Black Pepper (To Taste) Lemon (Half) Feta Cheese/Paneer (A few…

I made some yummy food for mom and her friends. Last few seconds of this vide are just what cuteness is all about :) It's Daal Pakwaan in Loki's Kitchen today. -Lokesh dharmani

Every Tuesday, I share a brand new recipe on my blog Loki's Kitchen and today it's a Mushroom dish. Watch watch :) -Lokesh Dharmani

One of my dearest friends Manju made this dish last week. She told me it's a typical Konkani style of making these yummy potatoes. I asked for the recipe, came back and tried and it turned out quite yum. Watch, watch. Try, try. :) -Lokesh Dharmani


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