Madhuri Dixit

Here are 3 iconic mind numbing Valentine’s Day scenes in Hindi films. Watch it at your own risk because you might want to detox yourself with…err…Gurmeet Singh’s Love Charger. Phew!

Bollywood star John Abraham loves Radio! Hear what he says!

Bollywood actress Sonakshi LOVES radio! Hear what she has to say!

Bollywood actress Madhuri Dixit loves Radio!

Listen to what Amit Trivedi has to say about radio!

25 years ago, on this very day released the biggest blockbuster- Dil starring Aamir Khan and Madhuri Dixit.

In 2013, the crowd went berserk for one performance on stage? Who was it?

Celebrating Madhuri’s Big Day the typical City1016 way on Keeping Up With Karishma

Akshay Kumar has found his reel-life partner in Madhurima Tuli, the boss lady of a recent commercial which has been dubbed “sexist” because she goes home to cook dinner for the hubby who has been left back in office to work on a project with a deadline.

Here is a bit of good news for all of you heading to Access All Areas concert on Dec 1!! Eight double-decker buses from RTA will be available per location to take people to and from the venue


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