Tuesday, January 24, 2017

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Filmfare Awards 2016-2017

It warms my heart to know that finally…FINALLY we have such fantastic cinema that we are not only producing but recognizing also. Because awards functions these days are very simple- if you are attending, you are definitely getting an award….so what if you haven’t done a film. We will create ...

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500-1000 Jokes :)

The internet was broken with the news of 500 and 1000 Rs notes being made redundant. There was good humor doing the rounds on social media and everywhere. Collecting a few gems here for a good laugh to ease out the inconvenience caused to people back home. -Lokesh Dharmani  

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#DifficultBollywoodQuiz- DDLJ

DDLJ completes 21 years today. Woah. So XXL’s Difficult Bollywood Question has now become a full on #DifficultBollywoodQuizWithLokesh. Take the quiz here 🙂 -Lokesh Dharmani  

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Dangal Trailer

Dangal Trailer is here!!! The film was already screened to a bunch of filmmakers and everyone has raved about it, from Karan Johar to Farhan Akhtar. Chirag our intern felt it was a sequel to Sultan. I disagreed. He insisted and continued “Arey it’s the same only. It looks like it’s ...

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Lokesh Reminisces About Karva Chauth

I come from Delhi and every year I remember ladies would get together and celebrate this beautiful festival called, DikhawaDotCom, traditionally known as Karva Chauth. I kid you not; it actually gives us great insights into Delhi household’s wealth and power. Ladies would flaunt the most expensive designer’s most expensive ...

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