Ranveer Singh. Nuff said. Hah! You've obviously understood that this is an article about something crazy... but how crazy, you ask? Deadpool and Spidey performing to Khallibali, and with spectacular sycn too! Watch! Ranveer Singh has no chill @RanveerOfficial  Such a fun tribute to the fact that Ranveer is Deadpool's official voice in the upcoming…

From what the wedding card looked like, to who tweeted what about the Virat Anushka Wedding, we have all here for you! We loved the elegant, classy wedding invite. We loved the first images and videos of the wedding, and what did our celebrities have to say?? Scroll and soak in the love! Its already…

Meet Saif Ali Khan – a CHEF par excellence! And he was in the studios of City1016 cooking up a storm for the listeners and his fans.

“My Child’s Seat” initiative encourages parents to donate car seats that are no longer in use.

Let’s be honest, ever since Queen, we’ve all been waiting for Kangna’s next most memorable character.

In the concluding part of this week's series on the Funniest IIFA Hosts, we present to you the only Bolly-Hollywood jodi in our list! It was Y2K, the world was meant to end, instead, SRK walked on to the stage with Angelina Jolie by his side! It was a sight for the sore eyes! This…

Abish Matthew and Zakir Khan are AMAZING. We got Karishma (with her new license, note the honking) and Malavika (Worst Driver Ever) to drive them to our studios.

Karishma and Tarun recently got the chance to meet master blaster Sachin Tendulkar who was in the country before the release of his film A BILLION DREAMS.

Ladies and gentlemen check out the Red Carpet at Golden Petal Awards.

Here is a glimpse of the most gorgeous grand stage of the Colors Golden Petal awards.


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