Wednesday, April 26, 2017

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Eat Healthy, Live Healthy!

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. But when in Dubai, or anywhere in the UAE, for that matter, what’s stopping you from doing as pleases the heart?! So, this last weekend, wonder of wonders, we found ourselves on a farm in Abu Dhabi! Good to be able to ...

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Walk A Mile In My Shoes!

There’s something about walking. It completely refreshes me. It gives me time for some reflection, time to gather my thoughts and time to unwind. And the bonus – the views! I couldn’t get over how green some parts of Dubai are! There are works of art waiting to be discovered ...

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Healthy You, Healthy Kids!

Life in Dubai is great. I love it to bits. Even so, there are some paradoxes I can’t get over. Every time I see someone ‘driving’ to the gym, I ask myself why they won’t just walk there – walking is exercise too. Then there’ll be those who use fitness ...

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Karishma Fails The Road again!

On License To Drive with the Emirates Driving Institute, Karishma attempted her road test again and failed again. This is her journey towards getting that driving license and the unexpected has just happened!

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Life Lesson # 13 – I’m Not Miss Know-It-All

On License To Drive with the Emirates Driving Institute, Karishma has gone through the rite of passage – after failing her first road test, she’s completed her extra classes and is getting ready for her second attempt at clearing the road test. Watch this space to find out what happens ...

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