Sunday, July 23, 2017

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IIFA 2017 | LIVE from New York

For the first time, IIFA goes to New York and so do our City1016 presenters! Stick around for all the LIVE updates from the most awaited Bollywood film awards function!

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Funniest IIFA Hosts (Part 2/5)

All this week on Drive Master GoGo, we bring you the funniest IIFA hosts and some of their absolutely insane moments from the biggest Bollywood Awards Show that will happen in New York City this July. But for now, its time for a throwback to the year 2015. Bollywood descended ...

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Abhishek Aishwarya Perform at IIFA

This was the time when Bachchan Pariwar took center stage, when Rani didn’t know the man she sat next to would be her father in law one day. Have a look 🙂 -Lokesh Dharmani

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Funniest IIFA Hosts (Part 1/5)

IIFA 2017 is where the fireworks will be this July! USA – you better be prepared for the best of Bollywood. Speaking of the best, Ritiesh and Boman have got to be among the best pair of IIFA hosts ever! Not only do they have incredible timing, there’s this inimitable ...

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