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All this week on Drive Master GoGo, we bring you the funniest IIFA hosts and some of their absolutely insane moments from the biggest Bollywood Awards Show that will happen in New York City this July. But for now, its time for a throwback to the year 2015. Bollywood descended on KL, Malaysia. Kangna Ranaut's Queen…

Baahubali fans in the room, we wont keep you waiting... Watch and get ready!

This is such a moment of pride for all of us here at City1016. Years ago, we launched a fun segment on City 1016 called City1016 Unplugged. The first artist to ever come on air and perform on City1016 Unplugged was a healthcare industry professional who had a way with the guitar called Anupam Nair.…

Cinema Baba has carved a name for himself in the hearts of celebrities, here he is, making an attempt at charming our listener Yasmin!

Karishma and Tarun were live on air with our listeners in the studio when one of them won AED 55,000 in cash courtesy the Indian Property Show. Check out this emotional moment as the story unfolds.

Salaam Namaste UAE, hosted by our very own Karishma – IS NOW ON AIR! This TV show, based in the Emirates, brings you stories of real people who have stood against all odds.

The biggest awards in the history of Indian Cinema, the "Times Of India Film Awards" are coming to Dubai and City 1016 is honored to be the official radio partner. We thought we'd show you a glimpse of the teams we will be working with very closely over the next few weeks. Here's to many great…

Karishma has an inside secret for you. This is how serious City1016's Tarun is when it comes to fitness and health!

Family first! That's her motto. And when it comes to choosing the lifestyle she lives too, it keeps getting tailored to suit what's best for the children. Check out the latest shift in attitude at the Fernandez home this year!  

On Keeping Up With Karishma this week, you've probably felt the same way Karishma has about living in the UAE. A Happy 44th National Day! ​


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