Sunday, April 30, 2017

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VK 34

We will miss you Vinod Khanna!

My mother and her sisters often fought over their favorite heroes. If Chandra masi loved Jeetendra, Devi masi loved Amitabh Bachchan and my mom was a big Rajesh Khanna fan. There were dedicated albums that were created for each of these actors and their hits and flops were hugely celebrated ...

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Sugar free Ice Cream in Loki’s Kitchen

One of my friends Sonal told me about the trend of sugar free ice creams and gave me the recipe of this simple Banana Ice Cream. It’s healthy, it’s tasty and will definitely take care of your sugar cravings during this summer. A simple dessert in Loki’s Kitchen today 🙂 ...

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Glass Bottom Pool, How Cool!? :)

This is the highest glass bottom pool, in Houston. Located 600 ft above the sea level, this is indeed one of the scariest, funnest and most adventurous things to do! What do you think? -Lokesh Video Courtesy Max Miller.

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Dahi Aaloo in Loki’s Kitchen

So there is a story behind today’s recipe. A couple of months ago, we had an intern, called Disha Dadlani. A lovely, hardworking girl!! She once got Dahi Aaloo in her dabba and poor thing didn’t get a chance to even have one bite because we all polished it within ...

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Meri Pyari Bindu- Chapter 3

Everyday we have a new chapter as Meri Pyari Bindu’s trailer; a new interesting concept of releasing the trailers for an upcoming film. We at City 1016 have shown you all the chapters. Here’s the newest one- Chapter 3. What do you think? -Lokesh Dharmani Video courtesy Yashraj films.

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Meri Pyaari Bindu- Trailer. Chapter 1

I am very happy for both Ayushmann Khurana and Parineeti Chopra. They both are such earnest performers and they need a good story, a good film to showcase their talent. Been long they both delivered a hit. Hope this one does it for both of them!! Check out the official ...

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Oats Upma in Loki’s Kitchen

It’s healthy. It’s yummy. And it’s quick to make. Check out the simplest, the fastest Oats Upma recipe. -Lokesh Dharmani Ingredients- Oil (1 table spoon) Chopped onions (one small) Grated Carrot (Half) Corn (Half a bowl) Broccoli (Two florets) Bell Pepper (Half) Salt (To Taste) Black Pepper (To Taste) Lemon ...

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