Swing Yoga at Voyoga


So what DID we try yesterday?

SWING YOGA! With a teacher called Peewee at Voyoga in Tecom.

Now imagine a jhula hanging from the ceiling. Imagine doing yoga…IN the jhula. Stepping on it, hanging on it, hanging IN it, hanging OUT of it.

That is swing yoga.


Where did we try it?
Swing yoga is available at loads of places, but the class we tried was in Voyoga, a lovely yoga studio in tecom. Peewee is one of the senior most teachers in this school of yoga and she took this class!
Interestingly, she says Swing Yoga is only a few years old. It was born when a few Iyengar yoga teachers living in Bali decided to try a few innovations using a hammock!


What is it?
A yoga class – with many familiar poses and asanas – except you have a swing to do it on, making it a whole lot more fun.
The swing does 2 things
1. Because you have this cloth to hang onto, you can stretch a lot better than without
2. The inversions seem a lot more doable – and fun. Apparently , going upside down allows the blood to rush to your face and head – giving you all kinds of amazing health benefits. Natural facial.


Great for:
1. Fans of yoga and people who like calming workouts.
2. Fun workout with a friend.

Is it expensive?:
At 90 AED for a 1 hour class, it’s affordable – and cheaper if you buy a package.

To find out more! – www.voyoga.net






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