Stylish Shah Rukh!

When it comes to style and fashion, Shah Rukh Khan has inspired quite a few trends. From the leather jacket in Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge to sporting a ponytail to velvet jackets in Dilwale – When SRK poses /wears/does/says something, everyone notices!

Although whenever he’s been honored with a style or fashion award his response has always been this 😉

In fact just this year, he has walked away with two ‘style’ awards. In March of this year he won the HT Most Stylish Award



He really does wear a 3 piece suit with such flair! When he was asked what his top fashion tip is, this is what he said “”Wear your attitude, wear a good perfume, wear the clothes that suit you. Don’t try to be stylish any other way” he further added ” You should see me when I wake up in the morning, it takes a long time (to look the way he does every time he walks the red carpet).” Well humility just makes him sexier 😉

After the HT Most Stylish Award, In October he won the The Global Icon of The Year 2016 award at the recently held Filmfare Glamour and Style Awards in Mumbai. You have to watch his thank you speech that the recorded and sent since he couldn’t actually be there at the awards ceremony. True to SRK form, he’s witty, adorable, stylish and so real! He also talks about his number 1 style tip for winter 😀

I love you Shah Rukh! even though you never admit it, you truly are a style icon in so many ways!! Thank you for always being you <3 

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and always – our hearts are with you 🙂

– Meghana Fareed



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