Saturday, July 22, 2017

Spoofs and Memes on Priyanka Chopra’s Met Gala Outfit

Priyanka Chopra took her house’s curtains and bed sheets and created a rather interesting outfit for herself that she wore at the Met Gala night. Hehe. Just kidding. She has the right spunk to carry a funky dress like this. She pretty much broke the internet and led to some very interesting spoofs!! Here’re some of the funniest ones. Take a look-

  1. A bit of mythology here 🙂 (Courtesy Ankur)


2. Chai Malai Maar Ke (Courtesy- Thank God I am Ugly)


3. Bas sir pe chatth ho aur kya chaiye…:) (Courtesy Ravinder Jadeja)


4. Who says Baywatch is PC’s first Hollywood film? (Courtesy Akshay Shetty)


5. A message for Mr. President? (Courtesy Ravindra Jadeja)


Thanks Priyanka for rocking such an outrageous outfit like a baws!!!! And for giving all of a good laugh 🙂

-Lokesh Dharmani