We have all seen this one. Been there. Stared at the black and blue and red creatures through the thick glass partitions, pointed to the large steel structure as we drove past the building. But this is a whole new level J

Ski Dubai – the world’s most ridiculous idea come true in so many ways is such a ‘Dubai Thing’. Let’s think of the most improbable thing. Upsize that order. Now make it come true. This is why we love this city. Because impossible is nothing!

This love it recommend is set in Mall of the Emirates, Ski Dubai as we learn to snow board.

So what is snowboarding?
Imagine a hill. Now put snow on it. Stick 2 long thin planks on your feet. Slide down the hill with a ‘balle balle’ arm position. That’s snow boarding.


What is the process like?
We had registered for a 1 hour class. We got there 1 hour before our designated time, put our bags in a locker and got handed a MASSIVE bag of gear. Boots, suits, snowboards, helmets – the whole nine yards. It took us about 20 minutes to put it all on and take a few pictures. Then we met Maggi, our lovely instructor who led us like 2 scared lambs into the snow.

Was it hard?
Yup. Quite. We only did it right twice in the whole 1 hour period. But it was fun. Honestly, it’s even more fun falling than it is snowboarding.

IMG_7402 IMG_7401 IMG_7389 IMG_7403

Is it child friendly?
We’d recommend you don’t take your 5 year old… but your 14 year old, yes.

Is it expensive?
150 AED for an hour long lesson… and it’s totally worth it.

In short, we love it and totally recommend it!

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