The first day of the week! (I don’t wanna wake up just yet!!!)

It’s a difficult day to get through yaar, I know. But you gotta do what you gotta do. True story.

We at City1016 have decided to slightly change the grumbling tone of a Sunday which usually goes like, “kya hai yaar, mat paka na” to a more cheery, energetic and smiling tone. Something to really kickstart the day and a week in a fantastic way!

So… #smilingsundays. LET’S MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

Today, from our team, some stories that made us smile really wide, and we’re hoping (nah we’re sure!) they’ll make you smile too! (:

  • Tia

The picture of Taimur, Soha Ali Khan and Masti, her dog was what brought a smile to Tia’s face. Clicked at Soha’s baby shower, Tia loved this picture because she felt it captured a really special moment; she also added that she thought it was organic, natural, and imperfect, in that it wasn’t posed for- Taimur is looking god-knows-where, and so is the dog! But in Tia’s opinion, and I agree with her, it’s candids like these which capture the best memories!

  • Karishma

I’m SO SURE this one is going to make you smile. Karishma’s #smilingsunday began quite early today. A gift from her friends, Karishma inaugurated her preggie pillow last night, which was meant to keep her comfortable and warm at nights! However, with her extremely adorable daughters in tow, a pillow THAT comfortable and soft can’t possibly be expected to be hers only. And that’s exactly what happened! She woke up early, went to get a glass of water and came back to find her daughter snuggled up all cozy in her pillow. She decided to call it a night, and went ahead to cook breakfast. Her pillow was occupied- what could she do!? 😀

  • Parikshit

Parikshit’s #smilingsunday began with a great laugh listening to my super-embarrassing story; once upon a time, Anjali went to a store and got supremely excited on seeing a peeler for AED 3 at a departmental store. She stared at it thinking, “what a steal!” Eventually, she bought it, got it home, and tried it on her apple… To her surprise, the apple just wouldn’t peel. She sat at home trying to peel the apple, wondering why it was refusing to peel. Her disappointed mother watching this spectacle then shook her head and informed her ke, “baby, if you use a bottle opener instead of a peeler, there’s no way it’s going to peel.” 

  • Anjali

My morning was became sunnier and happier when I read an article about infants at work… The story goes like this- around 20 years ago, a company began the ‘bring your infants to work’ initiative to make life easier for new parents who’d feel anxious about leaving their newborns at home. Present day- the same company hires the same infant a parent brought to work 20 years back! Life will really come full circle if this person brings his/her kid to work, don’t you think!?

I hope these stories were enough to leave the muscles in your face aching from smiling so wide! Have a wonderful day today, an even better week ahead, and leave us your comments telling us what made you smile this Sunday! #smilingsundays

– Project Intern, Anjali



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