Skating – Love It Recommend It

LIRI - Season 2

So usually we showcase interesting things to do in Dubai, but most of those are interesting things that cost money. Is hafte hum aukaad mein reh rahein hain. This one is free 🙂

Also, Rohit makes his debut in this week’s Love It Recommend It – which is…Wait for it….

…. Strap it on……



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Things you should know:

  1. We did not buy these skates. We borrowed them from Rohit (We have skates vaasta) but if you would like to but them they cost about 300 AED.
  2. We just strapped them on and went to Kite Beach/ Jumeirah Beach.
  3. NOTE: You have to look out for signs that say “No Skating” (They do exist) and don’t skate on running tracks – because they are meant for running.
  4. Wear a helmet and knee pads – Safety first, fun second!
  5. Fall! It’s more fun when you fall. Also, it’s more fun for everyone watching you…
  6. ENJOY!!!!

* Rohit is willing to rent his skates at a competitive price or for food or for phone credit. Contact for more details. Hehehe #sodesi




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