Single Seater Experience

LIRI - Season 2

If you find the sound of engines growling too loud … if the smell of rubber burning on the tracks makes you wanna stop breathing and if the maximum speed  that you drive is 80kmph on the extreme left of the road … then you’re too old.

For the rest there is F1 Styled Single Seater Experience at the Dubai Autodrome,
where, 600kgs of bare metal and engine beast takes you from 0 – 100KMPH in 4.4secs … that’s like Chris Gayle Hitting the 200 in the World Cup 2015 against Zimbabwe – yup it’s Fast.

And since you drive it, it’s totally worth it !!!

What’s the Single Seater Experience ?
It’s a single seater F1 styled monster of a car, which you are strapped into are given 20 minutes to drive around the track at Dubai’s only Motorsport Track – Dubai Autodrome.

Do you need a License to drive it ?
Yup … a valid GCC or International Driving License is required but along with that Manual transmission Experience is an added bonus.

Where do you do it ?
On a Race Track – so wear comfortable clothing but NOT LOOSE.
it’s in the open so be remember that you’re in a desert land

Things to remember ?
You need to wear a helmet – so ladies hair need to be tied (Don’t forget to buy the cotton masks to wear inside the helmets else be prepared to smell sweat from the previous user, your choice)
Shoes need to be closed
Overalls will be provided
GoPro are not allowed on the cars – so get someone else to shoot the footage you want.
How much ?
a session which includes safety briefing , on track training and track drive along with De-briefing right after the track-run is for AED 895

All the instructors are qualified and certified race track individuals. As far as the cars are concerned, don’t show off – the cars are insured … you are not !!!

Any discounts ?
Stop being a desi … just log on to the website to find any promotions running, we didn’t find any but you can try. For more info, log on to


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