Simran Trailer

Why I loved the trailer of Simran-

  1. Don’t think I have ever seen a film on kleptomaniac. Kleptomania is an urge to steal, without need or profit.
  2. “Boyfriend hona koi character flaw thodi na hain…ladke patana toh ek talent hota hain.” The guy was trying to be all liberal and progressive and boom he is told what the real character flaw is!!
  3. When was the last time we saw a woman try a cheesy pick up line on a man and not being tagged as fast or morally corrupt?
  4. Kangana’s expressions at the 26th second of the trailer- smug, a sense of achievement, angry and happy. Epic.
  5. The background score. Creates a happy, easy-breezy feel.

Now watch and tell me your reasons for liking/disliking it!

-Lokesh Dharmani




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