The Second Last Exit, Al Qudra Lakes | Love It Recommend It

Gosh, that joke never gets old!

If you thought the last exit  on the Dubai – Abu Dhabi highway was the last exit you would see, you are WRONG! Did you know that the team behind Last Exit is planning 10 more such spots? And the second one was where we went yesterday!

Where is it? Very close to the Al Qudra Cycling track and the lakes. With signs all the way down from Studio city, you can’t miss it. Also, it’s the only thing there!

How many food trucks? This equestrian themed food truck spot has piles of hay and spades and carriages all around the venue. There are about 5 food trucks open right now.  Poco Loco – a Mexican place, Burger Pit – For burgers, a sandwich spot, a coffee place and ….. and…. And…. (dramatic pause) A DESI FOOD TRUCK!!!!!



Any good?
Obviously, like every good desi, we completely ignored the other food trucks and went straight for the desi grub at “Jaldi Jaldi” – their menu has rolls. 2 types of rolls – Naan and Parantha. You pick from a few fillings and sauces and they serve you in under 10 minutes. Lassi and masala chai is also on the menu…

If you expected Vada pav and pav bhaaji and Karama level choice… You’ll be a little disappointed. But we have to say this – It’s great to go to a Last Exit and have the option to order a Paneer roll or a Chicken Tikka roll.

Taste? – Not bad! Good actually. Really good. Apart from the fact that the options are few, the food is good!

Great for…

1. If you have pets! We say a few people with dogs drive by in their cars for a day out with the pet
2. Great if you want to stop on the way to Qudra lakes for a picnic with the family or on the way out after a Friday morning of cycling the qudra track. Also not a bad idea if you work in Studio city and want a quick lunch drive. Or if you live in Arabian ranches or motor city and feel like an “Ice cream drive”

Things to note:

  1. It’s windy. And sandy. And will be hot when it’s summer.
  2. There are only 5 food trucks now but in a few months that will increase to 20! 20 is a LOT of food trucks!!!




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