Sea Lion Point

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Staying in the country this summer with no major plans for the holidays? Bored and think there is nothing to do? Let Malavika and Sid bust THAT myth for you with their brand new project – Love it, recommend it! Where they recommend fun, adventurous, unconventional things you can do this summer in the UAE!

This week saw Sid and Malavika drive off to the one landmark that makes it to every Dubai visitor’s photo album – Atlantis! They went to Sea Lion Point at the Dolphin Bay to meet a new Dubai-ite. Furry and fantastic Seal Sanga.

is one of the many Furry Seals at the Atlantis. Born in France, Sanga moved to the UAE in December and now spends her time swimming in her super cool (literally) salt water pool at the fanciest hotel in Dubai.

When she has visitors – she shakes their hand, gives them a hug and a fishy-smelling peck on the cheek and even lets them give her a nice long car wash!

Cute, cuddly and a treat for the kids – we strongly suggest you try this!

Have plenty of questions that need answering? Lets ask them for you!

 Where, again?

Dolphin Bay, Atlantis! You cant miss the big sign that says Sea lion point! Walk in and ask for Andre or Happy (Yes, that is his real name) and they’ll take you through the experience!

 Does this require training?

Not if you mean a three year university course!! They do take you through a quick educational presentation and a few safety instructions – a course that takes no longer than 15 minutes.

sidIs it safe? For Kids?

Very very safe! Sanga is accompanied by Andre and Happy – trainers who have spent years with animals like her and who know exactly what she will do next. Follow their instructions and as long as you don’t hurt her, she is not going to hurt you!

How long does the whole process take?

About half an hour – counting jumping into wet suits, taking pictures to upload on facebook and chatting with the trainers!

Anything we need to be warned about?

Sanga has fishy smelling breath (Duh!) – so be prepared when she wants to give you a cuddle. And don’t offer her a mint!

Children below the age of 6 are too young for Sanga’s love just yet! Children below 12 must be accompanied by an adult. Apart from that, remember to carry simple swimwear. Atlantis will provide your wet suits.

Also, you ll be made to take off all shiny earrings, rings, jewelry, even hair bands! So be prepared!

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Is it expensive?

Prices range between 275 and 595 AED depending on whether you are an in house guest or a visitor. The prices are available online!

 We love it and recommend it!







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