Project Intern | Sanjana

Q : Hi Sanjana, First things first, (Welcome to City 1016) Tell us how old are you and how long have you been in Dubai? 

A:  I grew up in Dubai, been here since 1984, back when SZR ended with the Trade Center! Been here for most of my life! #Dubaikid

 Q: School school? College college?

A: I did my schooling in Dubai, in The Indian High School. After high school, I left for India, to do my software engineering, which was kinda pointless, considering I can’t code at all anymore! 😛

Q: When did you realize radio was something you wanted to get into?

A: As a child I used to pretend to read the news like a newsreader, and I’ve had life-long interest in media. I’ve been listening to City since I got back to Dubai in 2005 and have been a huge fan of the station. Tia and Rohit’s show has kept me company during many traffic jams and I’ve longed to be a part of such a team and be able to reach out to people and make their days lighter through radio.

Q:  Like Movies? What are the last 3 movies you loved?

A: I love watching movies and have won competitions to City’s movie nights as well. The last 3 movies I loved is Bajirao Mastani, Piku and well… several more but one of my all-time favourites is DDLJ ( huge SRK fan!), so I can’t not mention it.

Q: What are the last 3 songs you loved so much, you couldn’t stop singing?

A: I’m so easily influenced by music that most songs become an earworm and stick with me for days (to the annoyance of all those around me)! Lately, Channa Mereya and Cutie Pie from ADHM and Kaala Chashma are the ones stuck in my mental playlist.

Q: Three things you you discovered after joining City 1016 studios?

A: 1- It is incredible to me how Malu and Sid are on-air at 6am and still so lively. They go from 0-100 in just 2 seconds!
2- The amount of work that goes behind the scenes and how many people are involved to have it all run so smoothly.
3- How everyone is genuinely so nice and helpful and patient, even with intern #3. 🙂

Q: Things you just can’t wait for to discover/introduce at City 1016?

A: I’m here to learn as much as I can in this short time, soak it all in and hope to bring in my own special blend of fun to the mix. On my first day here, I covered an event where SRK was the Guest of Honour. Every day since has only gotten better, even without SRK. Going on air, interviewing people for VoxBox, Love it Recommend It… can’t wait for everything else that’s in store for me!! 😀



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