Run like the Wind!

The weekends – easiest time to sink into the couch …. and stay there until you and couch fuse into one creature. The cou-man (half couch, half man)
Or should we call it the Hu-ouch?

After a day of doing that – and not getting out of pajamas till 5 pm, I decided to shake the laziness off and put on a pair of sneakers. “I’ll run till I’m exhausted” I thought. I was amazed. 8.7 km and I had a bit more in me. If it was n’t for a movie date with a friend I would have kept running.
The best part of the run was this. I was in the Lakes. Stopped to tie my shoelace, I looked up and I saw this view. The sun shining between the clouds, a gentle breeze, butterflies and falling leaves. With weather like this, it should be a crime to run on a treadmill!
Moral of the story: It does nt take a gym membership to do this. Just do it.



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