Friday, July 28, 2017

Rock Republic – Love It Recommend It


What, where? In the middle of D.I.P. It is a climbing facility or ‘bouldering gym’ for the rock climbing community in the UAE.

What does it feel like to jump off a wall 10 feet high with no harness? Let’s describe it for you.





Step 1: Struggle to push yourself off the ground
Step 2: Get the technique and make it past the first 3 holds
Step 4: Gain confidence and soon your heart starts racing because you cant believe how high you have gotten
Step 5: You get to the top
Step 6: Your hands start to shake a bit from tension and nervousness and excitement and a ‘high’ literally.

and then…..

Step 7: You JUMP!

Both Sid and I had the same reaction as we hit the padded floor. Just crazy, non stop laughing for a whole ten minutes. The crazy endorphin high of a free fall. EPIC!

Rock Republic is great for:
1. A workout. Really, we felt it the next morning
2. An evening of quiet time. It’s just you and your rock climbing strategy.
3. Kids parties – why take your kids to restaurants when you can bring them here. 8-9 is the ideal age!

How expensive are they?
AED80 an evening (stay as long as you like!)
AED500 for 10 sessions!

We LOVED it, and we totally recommend it.