RJ Lokesh cooks at GRK Restaurant

I have a blog on City 1016 website called Loki’s Kitchen.

And last weekend Loki’s Kitchen went on ground where our listeners attended a cooking workshop at GRK restaurant where I cooked some Greek delicacies for our winners followed by a fabulous dinner at the restaurant.

-Lokesh Dharmani

He made Kaftero Tzatziki which is a simple Greek Dip used in Sandwiches and Rolls. Here’s the recipe-

  1. Coat one bell pepper with oil and roast it directly on fire on your gas. Peel of its skin and deseed it. Run it in the mixer to make bell pepper paste.
  2. Coat Habanero chilli (available in supermarkets) with oil and roast it directly on fire. Peel of its skin and run it in the mixer separately to make thick paste.
  3. Now take big spoons of Labneh. Add two big spoons of Bell Pepper Sauce. Add just 1/4th spoon of Habanero sauce.
  4. Add salt and black pepper.
  5. Add some chopped Parsley and mix it all well.
  6. Keep it for a day and it’s ready to serve!!


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