Project Intern | Rohit

Q : Hi Rohit, First things first, (Welcome to City 1016) Tell us how old are you and how long have you been in Dubai?
A : Shukriyaaaaa! I am 23 years old and I have been in Dubai since the past 21 years, when you could go from Dubai to Ajman thrice in a day.

Q: School school? College college?
A : I did my whole schooling from ‘The Indian High School, Dubai’, followed by a course in Chartered Accountancy which I left in a year . Later, I pursued my bachelors in Amity University Dubai then followed by Masters in Marketing in Malaysia.

Q : When did you realise radio was something you wanted to get into?
A : This is totally weird but I realized it when I was at my barber’s and was frowning. Suddenly he stops and says ‘Please smile, I’m not cutting your neck’. This made me realize if I was in his place i would’ve never said that but if I haven’t had seen a person face to face I would’ve seriously passed a comment.

Leading to this my passion for Events, fashion and media drove me more into this field. It’s all fun from the outside but there’s a lot of hard work  that goes in behind. This passion drove me in interning at other radio stations and media companies. As soon as I came back pursuing my masters I applied on the 1016 website and wallah I got In.

Q: Like Movies? What are the last 3 movies you loved?
A:I am a huge Bollywood goon. Even though I am a second day third show person, I watch all the movies. I’ve watched ‘Mela‘ 13 times in the theatre.

Last three movies I loved – Pink, Neerja and Kapoor and Sons

Q: What are the last 3 songs you loved so much, you couldn’t stop singing?
A: 70% of my playlist are coke studio songs and unplugged songs…
Paar Chana de – Noori and Shilpa Rao
Aaj Rung – Amjad Sabri and Rahat
Kaala Chashma – enough that I do the hook step every time it plays.

Q: 3 things you you discovered after joining City 1016 studios?
Weird is good.
That how even at 6am you can get energy
The hard work that goes behind City1016

Q: Things you just can’t wait for to discover/introduce at City 1016?
A: I want to know the whole madness that goes behind CITY1016. Plus how do Sid and Malu have that energy at 6am in the morning. How does Lokesh get his wacky style from?

I want to learn and enhance my interactive skills and contribute myself for all the events hosted by City1016.



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