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Top things to do in Prague –



Prague is like that old lady from the movie Titanic – It’s old, beautiful and it has a lot of stories to tell.”



This destination in the Czech Republic is getting more popular than kittens doing stupid things on Internet. I am going to guide you through on what this incredible City has on offer. Prague is basically a delight for everyone, right from the people who like nightlife to museums/history – it’s like lettuce burger, something for healthy people and for people who love junk food. The Golden City of a hundred spires is widely considered to be the most beautiful city in the world and another reason why it attracts a lot of people is because it’s affordable. YESSSS! You are getting a Bentley for the price of a Maruti. In this blog, I am not only going to tell you about the regular touristy places in Praha but also the hidden gems. Here’s what you should do in this largest city of Czech Republic –



Explore the Old Town Square – Despite Several invasions the Old Town Square of Prague has remained pretty much untouched. It is also the most touristy spot in the Capital. The architecture is itself breath-taking and if you aren’t into it then street performers will blow your mind away. I’ve always believed that street art is more about art and less about money. I’ve seen some of the most talented singers on the streets than I’ve heard in the studio. I still remember the first time I went to Prague (Yes! I’ve been there several times – Paisa bahut hai, bas kabhi ghamand nahi kiya), I saw this group of artists dressed as Red Indians dancing to Native American music with a smoke machine, the memory is faint but I remember it was the most beautiful thing I saw! I tried finding them again when I went the next time but I couldn’t. Wait! I just remembered I must have instagramed them somewhere –

Found it! Here you go – (This is the time when Instagram had a 15-second video limit and it doesn’t do justice to the art)

Street Art – A profession with more talent and less money. #Prague #Praha #StreetArt #RedIndian #Flutes #Wanderlust

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Charles Bridge – You know what they say – All good things in life are either expensive, unhealthy or married to someone else. Well, I don’t know about the latter two but this good thing in life is absolutely free – Strolling across the Charles Bridge. This is one thing you should do without fail. Charles Bridge spans 16 arches and is lined with 30 Baroque statues. It’s very touristy and crowded with street vendors. So, here a special Wanderlust with Parikshit recommendation – Go during the sunrise, not only you will beat the crowd but also you will get to see one of the best sunrises. Since waking up early is not my thing, I went after partying the entire night. Here’s how a regular day looks like from Charles Bridge.



Prague Castle – This is not only an extremely popular tourist attraction; it also holds a record for the largest coherent castle complex in the world. It’s roughly the size of seven football fields. The entry to the grounds is free, some cathedrals have an entry ticket. Don’t miss the St. Vitus Cathedral and it’s stained-glass windows.



Prague Astronomical Clock – Located in the Prague’s old town square this clock has been around since the 15th Century. It’s a very high maintenance monument, repaired many times over its history. First when I went there I was being told – The clock doesn’t display the time of day, I was like – That’s the whole point of a clock, one thing they had and before I could react I was asked to calm down and was informed that instead of time it tell you the phases of the moon and the equinoxes.

Pic Courtesy - Wikipedia

Pic Courtesy – Wikipedia

John Lennon Wall – You know Prague is like that old lady from Titanic – It’s old, beautiful and it has a lot of stories to tell. This is another one – After his murder, John Lennon became a hero for many young Czechs. An image of Lennon was painted on the wall opposite the French Embassy, the authorities tried whitewashing it several times yet they were not able to keep it clean for long. This wall has seen many wars and protests but today it symbolizes peace and love.



Now let’s talk about a less touristy side of Prague –

Spend some monayyy at a Street Market – Prague has a lot of street markets and you get everything from warm mulled wine to clothes.  This is where you get to see the locals otherwise, Prague has more tourists than Trump has voted. Choice is yours – fresh farm vegetables or swords –



Prague Shooting Range – OK! This is my favorite part and not a lot of people know about it; an open air shooting range about an hour away from the city center. I’ve done shooting indoors several times but the echoes of a bullet fired in the mountains give you the real chills. Prague is increasingly becoming popular as a Stag Party Destination and this is your perfect offbeat DAY activity on a bachelor trip, I wrote ‘day’ in caps because I know where your nights are going to be. Oh and just a suggestion – Wenceslas Square has the best clubs you’re looking for!




Tank Riding Experience – Prague tank riding is an opportunity for you to experience sitting in a real military tank and the terrain is like a battlefield. I strongly recommend this because how often do you get to ride a tank? The driver would take you through bumps, mud and dip you in water in full speed. You need a lot of arm strength and lower back strength to survive this ride. One more suggestion – Don’t wear new or expensive clothes for this experience.




Explore the nightlife or should I say crawl through it *Wink* 😉 – A lot of people say Prague is the Las Vegas of Europe, either you can believe what you hear or take a flight to this place and experience it. Prague has some of the craziest clubs and a spectacular party scene. One more suggestion – Everyone wants to eat something unhealthy after a long night of partying – Go to this hole in the wall pizza place at Wenceslas Square. I don’t remember the name but its a very small take away only shop right in front of the tram stop at Wenceslas. You will thank me later.


Karlovy Vary – This place has stepped up its game seriously, take a perfect day trip to this place or book a resort if you really like serenity. It’s a spa town in the west Bohemian region of Czech Republic. Admire the hot springs or pamper yourself with an exotic massage. Make sure you book everything in advance because they’re not too welcoming with walk-ins.


This destination always seems to be in vogue, it’s like the curious case of Benjamin Button – the older it gets, the better it becomes. The best part is Prague is very tourist friendly, it’s more happening than Ranvir Singh.






Happy Wanderlusting 🙂



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