Pole Fit Dubai

love it recommend it First things first. For those of you who are here to watch some kind of sleazy-surf-safely kind of report on Pole dancing lessons – you will be terribly disappointed – so you should go now. sid levitating page_1 For those of you who’d like to see a challenging and amazing core workout video (with some falling, some failing and lots of fun) You have come to the right place. When we first called the teacher, Vlada and her colleague Michelle, we had no idea what to expect. We noted their address : A studio right next to Dubai Marina Mall and a few instructions from them. The instructions read as follows: Wear something comfortable, maybe shorts. Don’t use lotions or creams for atleast 10 hours before the class. pole This left us even more confused than before and, we will admit, a little apprehensive. We left the class ADDICTS! We loved the class. We loved the teachers. We laughed, we learned, we worked out. We love it and we TOTALLY recommend it! The pole fit class started with a 15 minute warm up. – stretches, holds, pushups and a few strengthening poses. Then Vlada and Michele, as graceful as swans, assured us that we didn’t need ANY basic qualifications to do a class with them. Step by step, they broke down complicated looking swirls and twirls and lifts and jumps. By the end of the class, they made us feel like PROS! Here are a few answers to questions you might have: When where? Their class schedule and locations are on their website: Click here and you’ll find all the details! 2. How much? Walks ins are charged 100 AED but of course, they have packages! 3. Is it tough? It will certainly leave your heart pumping and is a great workout for the upper body, core and glutes! 4. Can you take friends? Yup! You can actually book the whole class out for a party for a group of girls! Hen night coming up? This would be perfect! 5. Can boys do the class? They accept only women in their group classes but who knows, if you have Sid’s charm and talent you just might secure a spot!!! IMG_4920 222 qqq

Find out all the details on Polefit’s website!



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