Pick Of The Week | Max | Spring Collection

This jacket has to be my favourite because very cleverly it comes 3 essential style statements of the season – 1) Floral print (that’s the theme at Max for their new spring collection) 2) It’s a bomber jacket and bomber jackets have been all the rage since the later half of 2016. It’s the kind of look that makes anyone extremely hep without taking the whole casual notion to the extent where you look like you’ve just rolled out of bed. and 3) The fabric used for this jacket is a cotton blend which makes it light enough so that you don’t feel too warm since winter is giving way to sunny days but at the same time it wont let you freeze just in case the wind picks up or the AC in your office goes a bit crazy! It’s only 65 DHS which honestly is a steal. You can pair it with any plain t-shirt and jeans. Just be careful when you’re ironing it since it’s quite thin, use the lowest heat.

Pick Of The Week



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