Oye Lucky Lucky Oye!

Earlier today, on Breakfast No. 1, Parikshit told us a really cool story about a girl who thought she won $3000- she went to encash it and found that she won $30000 instead. I was wondering… When is something like this going to happen to me!? Maybe I need to touch wood more often, or hang some chillies and lemons together, or… Which got me thinking about lucky charms, and what brings different people luck- or what saves them from bad luck!

I got talking to a few friends who told me what their lucky/anti-bad-luck charms are!

  • Vibhuti

For her, her lucky charm is her friend Bavya, as every time they’re just chilling at home or having ice cream, she gets a call from a potential employer calling her for an interview. I keep telling Bavya to hang out with me too, but she doesn’t seem too worried about my luck. -_-

  • Sarah

Sarah thinks wearing socks inside-out brings her bad luck, which is why she avoids doing that… My question is, why would you wear socks inside-out in the first place!? That’s not how they’re worn! But everyone has their story, and this is hers! 😀

  • Sairam

Sairam has a similar story; he had this one t-shirt which he thinks always spoils the day and creates fights. True story- he THREW it out! It had some text on it and a gun. Enough said I think. 😀

  • Parikshit

Parikshit, in his young, wild and free days, used to run towards trains, leave a coin and then jump off before the train hit him. **WARNING: Stunts performed by experts only; don’t try them at home!** One time, he had quite a close shave– the coin he left that time probably reminded him of the time he survived that, which is why he carries it around wherever he goes!

  • Sanjana

My friend once told me- if I’m wearing lipstick and if I’ve tucked my shirt into my pants, I feel like I can take over the world. Sanjana has a similar attachment to a pair of black pants, which she believes bring her luck every time she’s out to achieve something. I wonder if she gets to wash them enough!

  • Shabari

Shabari makes a wish at 11:11:11 (11th second of the 11th minute of the 11th hour in a day), as she believes it’ll come true. Ajeeb hai. 11:11:11 comes twice a DAY. Imagine wishing EVERY DAY. And all the wishes coming true! I’m going to start this.

  • Kulthum

Kulthum has a strange (to say the least) thing she believes in. Anytime she’s out on a drive, if the song ends whenever she has arrived at a particular place, she gets the feeling that something good is going to happen. I wonder if it began because something good actually happened, or whether it’s one of those oddly satisfying things…! Either way, it makes for a cool story! (:

  • Lokesh

Lokesh has a thing he does– every time he’s driving under the metro tracks and a metro actually passes above him, he wishes for something. It began with his belief that the wish will actually come true, but now, it’s just habit. Even then, he does it without fail, every time.

  • Ramesh

During his time at a hostel, Ramesh and all his friends made sure to get a glimpse of their warden’s face, as they believed it brought them good luck before their exams.


I’m so inspired by all these stories because I have really all-or-nothing luck. In two back-to-back games of bowling, I managed with all spares in the first round, and all gutters in the second. So… I really need to take leaves out of all their books and get lucky!

I know what you’re thinking- most of these have no basis in fact– but if it makes someone feel good, then why not? Plus, they make for great conversation! Leave your comments telling me what brings you luck. I’ll try them out and see if they work for me! 😀

– Project Intern, Anjali




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