My 30 minutes


My 30 Minutes – is a fitness training center and true to it’s name the workouts here are only 30 minutes, since the idea is that everybody is short on time so in this 30 minute workout your body actually does 18 times more than a conventional workout. (20 minutes workout and 10 minutes cool down period)

The Training involves EMS or Electric Muscle Stimulation – where you get light current passed through your body when contracting or relaxing the muscles, in order to get a full body workout.

First the good part – no need to go in a gym attire (you can go in your office clothes and are provided body vests at the training facility) to the most friendly atmosphere that you find.

The jacket (vest which passes the current through the body) … it looks like something straight out of a sci-fi movie.

Now the bad part… still trying to think of one … but can’t!!!

So the first thought. Is it safe?
Absolutely…the machines are from Germany and trainers understand what you want and proceed accordingly.

Does the current hurt?
No. It’s a workout – not a nazi camp, its supposed to work on your muscles so that by the end of 30 minutes they feel relaxed.  (and they do …) !!!

Do they have many people in their classes?
No. Personal training only. So that you get all the attention that is needed (and trust us when we say this … you do need it in terms of the right posture, the way the exercises should be done and the intensity of the workout and everything in between)

Is the workout for weight loss only?
Nope again … body building, strength training, and rehab applications are some of the other things that these guys specialize in.

How frequent are the sessions?
Twice a week … that’s 1 hour a week is all that you need

Where are they located?
On Al wasl road – you can get in touch with the guys on

The machines itself is used by athletes to enhance fitness and by doctors. They work.

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