Love It Recommend It | The Museum of Illusions

This week – we were among the first in the city to experience The Museum of Illusions. 

Open to public today onward, the Museum of illusions is at Al Seef Dubai. (For those of you going ‘where?’ – it’s opposite the U.S. Consulate) 

It is a collection of 80 visual exhibits that will make you squint and blink in disbelief! 3 sticks that look like a chair. A table that lets you serve your friends head on a plate. A bridge that makes you feel like you are turning upside down because the room is spinning around you. 

A room that makes you grow bigger and get smaller as you walk from one corner to the other (It’s the room, not you) and a room of infinite mirrors. Just some of the illusions that we loved. This is a permanent exhibit and similar museums are already extremely popular around the world! 

Priced at 80 aed for adults, 60 aed for children and 225 aed for a family of 4, it’s well priced, so make the plan for the weekend!

Great for: 

– A weekend plan with the kids, be sure to explain the science behind it to them. 

– Instagrammers and facebookers who are looking to post pictures that will get you a few reactions 🙂 




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