Meaningful Patriotic Scenes in Hindi Films

We all must have watched India’s Prime Minister, Narendar Modi’s speech this morning. A lot of people feel proud just by looking at the Flag of India. But patriotism runs much deeper than that.

There are a few Hindi films that have dealt with the concept of patriotism so beautifully. No superficial understanding, these scenes dig deep to understand what love for the country means. I am sharing three of my favorite scenes here. Hope you like them. (Also I couldn’t think of a scene in Aamir Khan’s Dangal, can you?)

-Lokesh Dharmani

  1. Rang De Basanti- This scene gives me goosies, like someone eavesdropped to my conversations with my friends and replicated it in this scene, where we have clashing ideologies- apathy vs interest, complaining vs action, commenting vs participating. This is one of the best scenes on patriotism, afterall, ‘Koi bhi desh perfect nahi hota, use perfect banana padta hain.’

2. Chak De India- Ok I feel this was one of the weakest scenes in the movie, yet I am including it. There is a reason for that. Half of our country’s population is sometimes neglected, hence the need to empower them. The bit where Kabir Khan tells the team to snatch those 70 minutes from all those people who didn’t believe in them makes it such a win-win scene. Also this scene was the crux of what true patriotism stands for- forget our differences as people, forget our ulterior motives, our personal lives and stand together, work together for one goal; our country.



3. Nayak- The freedom to question our leaders, to hold them accountable, to have an unbiased discussion on things that matter for the country is the kind of times we all must strive for!!




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