Marina Music Festival | Love It Recommend It

Marina Music Festival

The Marina Music Festival is a 9-day music festival along the Dubai Marina Promenade. 

But it’s more than a music festival. It’s a space where you can understand music differently. A place you can feel, see and touch music. 

Didn’t quite get why? Let us explain. 

Every 50-100 meters along this gorgeous watch lined Marina promenade is a ‘station’ 

The first, for example, is one that you see just as you exit The Dubai Marina Mall. 

It’s a stage where local musicians are playing covers and originals. You pull up a bean bag and hang out. 

The second is a display of speakers looking at the sky. and in them all kinds and consistencies of paint. As you adjust bass and treble, you can see globules of paint literally dance before your eyes. 

Another display – has rays of green light shooting up from a thin panel and while you pass your fingers through it, different notes are played. It’s a bit like playing air. 

Another one of our favorites was a drum kit – that sends colored balls in a giant tube flying every time you hit the drum. 

A cycle that paints as you spin, a giant harp and a larger than life-size DJ console – are other spots we could not stop taking pictures and videos. 

Essentially this festival encourages you to rethink the way you experience sound and music. It’s a fabulous display of what art and science can do when they come together. 
The best part – it’s FREE

How long is it on? – Till the 23rd of Dec! 

How do I get there? exit Dubai Marina Mall and enter the promenade. Walk with the water to your left and the display is all over the space! 

Does it really cost NOTHING? Nothing. Nothing. Not one dirham. 

What if I get hungry? Food trucks and shopping stalls can be found there too. *facepalm* Dubai-ites! 

Good for kids?  GREAAAATTTT for kids. This is the kind of education we need!!!! 

In short. We LOVE IT and we RECOMMEND IT




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